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Author of Upcoming book - Foundation, I'm not just any consultant, I've closed half a million dollar deals. Helped businesses grow to millions. I am expensive, but I am very confident that I can provide your company with very sound high ticket strategies, to build 6 figure monthly revenues while selling to fewer clients & charging more money. Schedule a call with me. I ensure every minute spent is not a dime wasted.

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Having a retainer is usually the best way to test out your client, but by it’s nature of locking someone into a contract, it makes them harder to get. I personally prefer charging an hourly rate first to test out the client.

Mainly to see if they are worth working with, if compatibility isn't an issue then you know what to do. If it proves to be difficult then I suggest looking for someone else.

I hope this helped, if you need any further assistance don't be afraid to send a call my way!

I recently completed an AP Computer Science course and the short answer is, yes, a family member of mine who majors in computer science started working for company's as he was learning his language, he set his own rates and people gladly payed for it. In my case I don't do much in that field but I am well versed in it since I almost spend 70% of my time studying it. And my family member helps me quite a lot as well. If you would like to discuss this further do feel free to send a call!

Well of course, you don't NEED a business to be financially independent. My cousin works for a university as a computer science major, he makes more than enough to not only provide for his family, he takes care of his parents and he also owns a 2017 BMW M3, I'd say its more than possible.

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