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Consultanting in Wordpress, HTML, PHP and Ecommerce. I can diagnose and fix your computer software problems. Computer virus removal specialist. Owner of www.wdcreation.co.uk with 18 years plus experience in IT and personally creating over 600 websites for businesses, charities, theatre groups, corporate organisations, private individuals, schools and government. Slow running PC or laptop? I have been fixing my client's computers and laptops for nearly 2 decades and I am happy to offer the same support to everyone via Clarity. Virus removal specialist with quick response to call requests.

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Unless you are managing to attract customers with that sort of budget you might find the figure of $2000 a bit over-optimistic. Yes, some clients do pay that for a website but you might find it hard resourcing them without a large back catalogue of similar sized jobs to show them. Most customers willing to pay this kind of money will probably require something bespoke so you have to offer them something more than a standard website, plus time will probably need to be spent preparing a proposal. I have been running my "one man band" website design company for 18 years and find that most clients will be spending between £400 - £1000 per site, however, it's close to a 100% mark up so it's not bad for a days work. I would suggest start building as many sites as you can for smaller companies and build up your client list. It is better to create 10 websites at say $600 than 4 at $2000... you might be scratching your head reading that, but think about this... You will have twice as many clients in your portfolio paying you yearly for hosting (if you offer hosting also) and requesting updates. Plus there are more services you can offer moving forward. his was my mindset when I started my company. Building the client base. Now 18 years later I have over 400 clients paying me yearly hosting on top of my website and SEO work. Good luck. Feel free to request a call if you want to discuss this further.

It's possible you have accidentally set file permissions to block access to your index page or the directory where you root files are located. Maybe a badly configured htacess file? Could be a few things but don't worry, it's probably nothing too serious. :) Good luck.

I agree that Mailchimp is good and it's free for mailing lists with under 2000 subscribers. If you have a website or hosting package you can install a PHPMailer, although these normally are not as robust as Mailchimp, it would be free regarding ongoing costs and a good Web guy would be able to install one quite quickly so wouldn't cost too much to set up.

Remember, with all mailing lists, you have to make sure the recipients have opted in and there are now GDPR regulations regarding emailing recipients in 28 European countries to consider.

I hope this helps :)

Hello. If you currently have zero experience with SEO (don't worry, we have all been there), then best to take some time reading from the many online resources. SEO has changed a lot over the years and can be mind-baffling at times.

I would say keep your content rich without making your page look like it's been created just for SEO purposes (too many repetitive words). There is a fine line between making it look good for your site visitors and making it favourable with search engines.

The longer you spend researching, the easier it will become. Go slow and enjoy the experience but be prepared to wait for results, it can take a while.

Good luck my friend :)

Hello. If your company has a 1,100% markup, it might be a good idea to hold onto it. Not many companies can honestly claim that profit margin and if your new ventures do not work out, you can simply revert to what you know best.

Good luck with what you decide.

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