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As CEO and Chief Operator at Goldbridge & Castle my services include: -Deception Detection (Human lie detection) -Behavioral & Communications Analysis -High Performance Coaching -Perception Transformation Consulting -Negotiation Screening With my unique ability to find what's missing and what needs adding when listening to your situation, I excel at rapidly coming to the most appropriate and timely solution for you. As well as granting you access to truly valuable information previously unknown to you (through Deception Analysis), I also provide you with rare and fresh perspectives by utilizing a specialized toolkit to help transform your business, organization, and or personal life by teaching you how to be even more flexible with your perspective which in turn gives you more options to make better choices. On a peer to peer level I walk with you and advise, collaborate, and or coach you from start to finish, eliciting your deepest needs, prioritizing necessary changes and identifying the best results. Without a doubt I can make you and or your business dramatically better. Let's get started.

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This is a question that is best answered by a phone call or in person, which I'm sure by now you have secured. If not, in short, weigh the time and effort involved plus liability and risk.

It won't be smooth but most importantly is your ability to deal with and manage your emotions, stress and shifting perceptions as you transition from being employed to being an employer. It's fun if you roll with the punches.

Here's an easy guide in a small chunk if focus is an obstacle for you.
Top priority should be your communication skills. You can know what your future clients want to hear and could back it up with actions.
Consequently, if you can't communicate it then you're left with nothing but discouragement and a dead end career path.

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