Franziska Stubbemann#femalepreneur #innovation #change

A #mompreneur working in Change and Innovation Management in a German corporate-based start-up. Originated from the shipping and maritime Business in Singapore, Australia and Cyprus. Currently working at and enabling People to Change and think!

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Good morning,

We currently work in a remote team all over Germany and soon to come Europe.
The tool we can honestly not work without is Microsoft Teams. File sharing, phone calls, chat, anything you can imagine!

Definitely worth a try!

Really happy to see a Group of women expanding their horizon and starting something new!
Start with a Team-SWOT Analysis.

But most importantly: Find out what the market Needs! What can you offer, that nobody else has, but which everyone desires?
Let's have a Chat - we've just been through a similar Situation!

A review which is posted online - doesn't matter where - Always gives you additional traction and SEO reach. Make sure to react to it and Keep your online appearance great and up to date!
People are huge in Looking at Reviews online before booking a Service/ getting Food... at a place they don't know!

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