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Your site is a Q&A so I presume that every time someone create a new Question it will generate a unique URL for that.
Indepentend if you have or not an answer you want Google to crawl and index your site as quick as possible to start to analyzing the new page and bring traffic to it.

The best way to expedite this "re-crawling" is to use a ping service that you can trigger after your user answer the question.

PS: If you site is updated frequently you shouldn't have a problem with crawling, because Google usually identify this type of website really quick.

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Ask them to brief explain their methodology and most important the KPI's that they will track thru your project.
That way you can compare different agencies KPI's and see the ones that make sense with your business goals.

A few ones to exemplify:
General: Traffic, Sources, Conversion Rate, Bounce Rate.
Adwords: ROI, CPA, CPC e CTR.
SEO: Inbound Keywords, Rankings, External Links (Volume and Quality).
Social: Audience, Reach, Engagment.

and a lot more...

Hope that helps.
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If you are a big Adsense account, you should get an Account Manager in there to help you with your general inquiries.
If you don't have an Account Manager its probably because you didn't reach the minimum status.

Focus on building Authority thru your links and content.

- Better target and quality links
- Audit and monitor your links
- Social Signals
- Content Re-design and Optimization
- Rich snippets
- Etc...

I'll be happy to assist with any Pós Panda and Pinguin strategy.
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