Gary SetoFounder and CEO of DIA Earth Corporation

CEO and Founder of DIA Earth Corporation - A Company who's objective is to develop and connect leadership for the next generation. We are currently in the defensive phase of incubation and preparing for growth. We are anticipating that our prominence will mature allowing me-myself to reach our organization's purpose.

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How much a customer will pay for your service depends on the prominence of your business and the reputation of the services. There is no secret number to how much to charge - just keep on marketing and building your business and you will do well.

Me-myself suggest that you only work with external parties who you have a dominating position on - to feed your personal ego and allow you to perform tasks your way.

Introverts tend to be great marketers. Focus on marketing efforts and allow the clients to come to you. Don't pressure yourself into a selling position.

1. When choosing the organization for your association, determine that the people in the organization genetically will work for your objectives. Take initiatives to manage their performance.

2. Take time to write your own terms and expectations and have it approved by a law organization. Feel free to negotiate the service terms with the potential suitors.

3. Plan out how much share you will give away during each stage of development of your organization. Plan to never give away an excess total share of %50 by the time your company is completely mature. Keep control of your company so that you may perform your objectives well.

Consumers will consume your brand based on your organization's consumer dominance and influence. The occasion in which a consumer will consume your brand is based upon the type of good you are selling - i.e. religious goods will be strong during religious holidays. As of current, natural goods such as fruits and vegetables are strong in demand and growing in 2020.

Health foods are also popular as the Health and personal fitness industry is growing. Be sure to target your goods towards growing and strong industries to grow your brand.

For further details, feel free to schedule a call with me-myself.

Create a new post at least every 3-4 days to keep users interested: do not make 10-20 posts a day as this process will wear your business out.

Be sure to make evergreen posts so that your older posts will continue to generate traffic as you build onto them with newer posts.

Learn how to use keywords and hashtags effectively so that your post will show up in searches and create more views.

Use the 80/20 rule: make sure 80% of your post is about servicing or giving something to the viewer and only 20% is about promoting your business. Over-emphasizing business in the post is not well for your online presence.

Be sure to make nice images and videos - these are statistically more popular than text posts and will drive more viewership.

Feel free to schedule a call with me-myself for further details.

It is the responsibility of the website owner to ensure that they do not infringe on any trademark laws. In this case, it is the buyer's responsibility to perform the trademark search and to use the domain lawfully.

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