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I help in the areas of content ideas , turning a passion into purpose and giving encouragement, inspiration and influence to step out and reach their full potential. This has helped me understand strategies to help others in my content areas. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachel-richardson-86ab4b1a3/ Website: https://www.gracefullyspoken.net/

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As a newcomer myself, I have yet to book a client. However, I do see a trend in showcasing your experience and relevance in your field of expertise. I have been upvoted and people have looked over my page to get some insight.

Answer more questions. This lets potential clients know that you have the knowledge and capabilities needed. Depending on your consultation service, you will need to look around for questions that relate to your service.
There aren't many questions on clarity that are recent, so make sure that answer questions that may be dated but still are in your specific field of service.

Have patience, right now it may be hard to get these clients, however with persistence you will get your first client.

All the best,

As a recent college graduate, I would advise you to not risk your education using this software.

Why? Your professor, teacher will find out. This literally happened to me once. Thankfully, my professor didn't expel me and waste my five years of college education down the drain! Not all professors are forgiving.

Ask yourself: How would you fill turning in that paper knowing that you didn't put in the work?

What if your professor asks you to expand on your sources? Or explain your paper to your class? Lastly, what if your Professor runs your paper through Safe Assign (NOTE: all professors use this, especially if they use Blackboard, Canvas etc)

Don't take the risk. Instead:

-Make an outline and attempt to actually write the paper
-Ask the professor for an extension
-Take a zero (rather than getting expelled? Right?)
- Next time, make time to actually focus and write. Use legal resources that you won't regret five years from now.

Take it from a graduate! It's not worth it. Trust me!
All the best with your educational endeavors!
-God bless!


Congratulations on your accomplishments! As a recent college graduate with a degree in English I used Upwork to help me find work writing content, copyrighting/editing and more. Because of your experience and your portfolio(website).

I would suggest making a page that showcasing that experience.

Disclaimer: Upwork does require you to buy a certain number of connections in order to apply for job postings so be ready to buy about 60-100 connections (they cost about $5-$20 dollars depending on how much you want to spend)

Also, Upwork constantly uploads clients who need writers to work on blogs, social media, course creation, education and more. It will take time to land your first client, however once you land your client be sure to ask them for a review so that others can see the work you have done.

We can discuss other programs as well, with a follow-up.


I am a recent inspirational blogger with a small start-up and I have been on Clarify since February of this year, and I still have yet to get a client.

Mind you, I said YET.

The first thing I would say is do you have a website, other social medias, or any other product or service you can drive from that particular platform to Clarity? Most times, you need a platform to grow a platform. So, if you expect to only get clients by answering questions, it may not work.

Get your consultation out there by announcing it on different social media platforms and allowing traffic from there to pour over into your profile here. Hopefully, you will be able to book your first client. Be patient and keep answering questions no matter how tiresome it can be.

Before you know it you'll have your first client

God bless,


During this time, as a small-start-up founder of an inspirational brand/devotional, I have to encourage, inspire and uplift others but what I found was I can only produce what I have allowed to come into my mind, my sight and my thinking.

That being said, maintain your mental health. Take one day at a time and don't let what's going on around you affect you. If you do, it will show in your work.

Some questions for you:
Have long/often do you watch the news?
Have you been putting off daily tasks you would normally do?
If so, you have allowed yourself to be consumed by what going on around you. My advice would be to limit the amount of news intake (only for an hour), work on some leadership skill so that you can influence you employees/viewers etc. in a more positive light.

Most importantly, have time for you.
-Open the shades
-Watch a movie
-Read a book
-Write a book
With so much distraction and discourse surrounding our country be aware that you are still alive and well and that your leadership skill is needed!

We can discuss more with a follow up call, if interested.

God bless,


As an online blogger and someone who sells digital products, I will say that people have an interest in buying live products. If you look at TV networks such as HSN and QVC you will see that live streaming your products will allow people to see the benefit of your products live.

You revenue will be good or sales revenue, where you will see your products to consumers to make a profit. This will be categorized as transaction-based revenue for you products. Considering that you have a furniture and interior design products you should consider social media platforms to give you more reach for your products.

We can discuss more with a follow-up, if interested


Because I don't what specific area/topic you would like to read. I would start out on Pinterest. As a blogger myself, I use Pinterest to connect my blog posts to my website and to connect with other bloggers.
Once you make a pinterest account you can search for different bloggers and the topics that interest you most. What I love about pinterest they have bloggers with every topic you can imagine. It's simply up to you which blogs you would like to read.

You can also follow them, so anytime they upload content you receive a notification.

We can discuss more, if you would like to follow up with a call.

Interesting Question.
As an inspiring entrepreneur, I will say that being starting something on your own can make you feel lonely and you begin to doubt yourself.

The best solutions are to take breaks/rest , connect with family, community, church etc and remember the reason your doing what you are doing. All entrepreneurs may experience this because they have a business. You may feel isolated, stressed and overwhelmed. Reconnecting and putting energy into family, vacation or remembering when you first started your business you will begin to feel more balanced and consructive.

If you would like to discuss more, you can with a follow-up call,


Its great to see a young person with the idea of starting their own company/business! The first thing that you have to do is to invest in yourself. You are the only one who can believe in you (right now). If you are serious about this, don't give up on it.
Also, use social media platforms (Instagram and YouTube). Showcase your idea to the public through a landing page where you provide information about your idea. Show the components of the process, photos of your idea, a video of why this idea is necessary in today's society.

Give your pitch. Use your website to compare your technology to other competitors. This will show the public the differences you have and the reason your app is more beneficial and necessary.
Continue. Don't try to seek out investors let them come to you. Keep creating your content and showing what you do through your websites and social media. Trust me it will work out in due time.

If you would like to discuss more we can with a follow-up,


I am an college graduate with an major in English as well as an online blogger. My writing experience has grown a lot with the help of a website called Grammarly. It helps you write better essays and narratives.

It also gives you a spell check on sentence structure, grammar and more. It even consists of plagiarism checker, citations tools to help your writing flow better.

I also have experience writing/proofreading texts, so I will be happy to help you write as well.

We can discuss more with a follow-up call, I'll be happy to help.

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