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Rossco Paddison is the founder of Heart Centered Money Makers; a Movement giving us the opportunity to heal our relationship with money so we can use it to heal the world. Having spoken to tens of thousands of business owners, he creates a space to implement a conscious approach to capitalism to audiences of Heart Based Entrepreneurs & CEO’s both here in Australia and Internationally. Rossco has an uncanny ability to define the words to bring your vision into an easy to convey message. His extensive research into human potential through a diverse range of personal development modalities, coupled with his extensive knowledge of innovative business processes, results in an interactive presentation that engages audiences of business people from start-ups to those with maturing experience. Rossco spends his spare time with his loving wife and son, communing with nature and satisfying his unquenchable thirst for knowledge on philosophy, human performance, business & leadership practices”

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Enter list....

- Reviews, go crazy about getting everyone you humanly know to review it in the app store.

- Find a quirky fact about the users or the app and create a PR Release about how this app is game changing OR how consumers are different then they used to be because...

- Communicate with existing users through the app asking for reviews.

- Communicate with existing users through the app and let them know they can unlock additional features if they share with their friends.

- Find people who have the same sort of problems that your app solves and go speak in front of large groups of them at events that already exist.

- Find the Centres of Influence or the people with already a ton of reach in that industry or sector and get them to share to their networks. (Hint see what problem they have that you could solve first, before asking them to share)

- Create noise around it everywhere you go, ever :)

Weird advice this.... But I would write down a list of all the things you stand against in your industry.

Then I would stand for the opposite as an industry consultant or build a full service solution that solves that problem and sell it back to the industry.

If you are over the industry for those reasons, then I have no doubt that others in that industry are having the same massive problems.

Wherever there are problems to solve, entrepreneurs thrive.

Choose which problems you want to solve and who you want to serve :)

I would consider hiring them as three completely separate roles. Why have a super admin person (which don't actually exist) when you could have three experts...?

Bookkeeper onshore meet with them monthly minimum.

If the admin can be done remotely I'd highly recommend someone offshore, you could hire someone a full time Filipino for about $400-$500 usd per month, giving you a lot of support for administrative tasks.

Again HR doesn't need to be onshore hire them for about $10-$15 usd per hour offshore, people who have managed teams of 100-3000 staff. Through platforms like or

Maybe hire the HR person first and have them hire the other two for you.

Hire experts don't hire miracle workers (they don't exist as much as we thought they may)

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