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Professional Organizer & Productivity Consultant. Author of "Productivity Bites: Concise, Practical Productivity Tips & Resources to Save Time and Cultivate Life Balance." I share practical advice to get organized, manage time effectively and improve life balance with a dose of motivation. "It is the quality of time at work that counts and the quantity of time at home that matters." Brian Tracy As a business owner, I know firsthand how important it is to be organized and manage time wisely to be effective in business and still enjoy life. After completing a Go System training program (Get Organized), I created my own training program based on my experience as a professional organizer and business owner working directly with clients. It's important to me that the information I share on Clarity is practical, easy for people to implement and works with their natural tendencies. To learn more please visit:

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I'm a firm believer in being successful in business but also finding a balance. It can be challenging when you love what you do and enjoy building your business, plus making money is the goal and that takes work. I'm a firm believer in delegation and collaboration. I realize that I'm not good at every aspect of my business and for some tasks to get done, I need to get help. I've gotten a lot of benefit from working with a virtual assistant who can be paid per project. Recently, I published two books and I hired someone to edit and upload the books and someone else to illustrate the cover. If I hadn't done that, the books would never have been completed. I would encourage you to take a serious look at all of your tasks and evaluate what you must do and what someone else could do as well or even better than you can. See if you can remove some tasks from your plate. Also consider breaking down projects and creating a reasonable deadline. Do a little bit every day instead of putting your nose to the grindstone and not coming up for air. It will get done.

I wrote an column on self care if you'd like to check it out. Available for a phone chat as well. Best wishes!

Whatever tasks you're doing, whether problem solving or follow-up, I'd start with and devote more time to the ones that have the potential to bring in income. What are the tasks closest to your revenue line? Can that task generate revenue? Can you create a product or deliver a service? Can you save the company money?

If you are problem solving, make sure you are the right person for the issue at hand. Is there someone else that you should consult with or hire that may be better than you at solving that particular problem? Delegation is a powerful productivity tool.

Good luck!

I think it's a great idea to get out and meet people face-to-face and expand your circle of influence. Consider joining networking groups such as your local chamber of commerce, a referral group such as LeTip, visit local MeetUp meetings (, You could also consider becoming a speaker as an expert in your field and then sell your services or products. Good luck getting out there!

I have found that working with a virtual assistant has allowed me to use my time on the talents that come naturally and easily to me as well as earn money. With a VA, I can hand over the tasks that she can do more efficiently than I can. I believe that delegation is a very powerful productivity tool and not a shortcoming. I have written this column to help people know when and how to delegate duties:

Take care of yourself!

Be prepared for times with a roller coaster of ups and downs financially and emotionally. I believe that when you are doing what you are meant to do and what you love to do, that really helps carry you through the tough times. Never stop creating, thinking outside the box and improving your skills. Strive to continue to find new ways to improve the lives of others with your skills or product. Be okay with the fact that some of your great ideas will turn out to be not so great, and that's ok . Don't give up. Good luck!

I am not aware of a site similar to Hootsuite (which I myself use to pre-schedule daily posts for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) specifically to get multiple productivity softwares on one screen, but I have benefited from using Rescue Time to know exactly where I am spending my time with detailed reports. Good luck!

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