MANEESH SRIVASTAVABusiness Consultant & Trainer

Business Consultant & Trainer
Specialization in Technology & Advertising
Worked on more than 50 projects of various FORTUNE 500 Companies & more than 10 Startups.

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First of all, a student has to understand the real meaning of business. It has to be told that the real job of a businessman is not to earn money but to do something that solves a big problem for others. By the way, a problem has always been very common and most of the businessmen of the world have been solving it. This problem is to save people's time. For this, the children should be asked to do one thing immediately. That is that children should start solving all kinds of problems, small or big around them. This will generate a problem-solving approach in them. After this success or failure does not matter. It is most important to learn this problem-solving approach. Because this will make their will power very strong and also discipline and self-motivation will come in their life. The remaining skills can be learned later as well.
By doing this, he will find the right business for himself. The biggest example of this is MARK ZUCKERBERG, the founder of FACEBOOK himself. At the age of 11, he had made an intranet network to solve a problem occurring in his own house. The whole story is that the father of MARK ZUCKERBERG was a dentist. Whose clinic was on the 1st floor of their house and the patient waiting area was on the ground floor. This caused some problems for the patients. Which was a big problem. That's why MARK ZUCKERBERG found a solution to this problem with the help of technology and implemented it immediately. Students also have to do the same thing. The problem-solving approach should be learned and practiced. After that, the business will be built automatically.

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