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I help early stage Founders to reach Founder Idea Fit & Product Market Fit. I work with Founders and solo-entrepreneurs to clarify their idea and vision, define the right priorities and make the best decisions. I leverage Business Design and Experience Design approaches to develop Thriving, Empathic and Resilient businesses. I have experience as a mentor with multiple incubators / accelerators: Impact Hub, 1Kubator, Startupbootcamp, Startup Village, Founder Institute... My LinkedIn profile: My professional website:

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Some more information would be needed to provide more accurate advice.
What is the benefit for industry experts to register to your platform? What is in it for them?
Do they have the time to join it?
It can be beneficial to interview some of them to understand the messages and content that would resonate with them.

As you search for industry experts, engaging them 1 to 1 on LinkedIn could be a low-key starting point. You can also consider to participate in forums and online communities where your target is.

Good luck!


You seem to have already made significant progress. How far are you in the MVP development?
Prior to coding an MVP, have you delivered the service to some first users using Wizard of Oz or concierge solution?

Having some first users, feedbacks and reviews would be great for any marketing plan.
To be cost effective you need to be razor sharp on your ideal target audience and then use look-alike targeting on social media.

You can also go the route of content creation on LinkedIn or other professional forums / communities, as your tool seems to be aimed at professionals.

Hope this helps, happy to discuss further
Good luck!

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