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AWARD winning Public Relations & Marketing Professional with over 10 years experience. Established record of securing high value top-tier media placements, building clients brands as both industry leaders and encouraging consumer brand loyalty. Working with both small business owners and internationally recognized brands. Building out and monitoring several social media 'communities' for clients, again ranging from small start-ups to large international companies. With a high engagement rate, established presence and voice, customers enjoy noticeable results through strategy and engagement.

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There are SO MANY different resources, each with strong points and areas which leave you wanting more. Depending on the size of you budget, and detail you are looking from (engagement, traffic, shares, etc.) there are a few resources I use & recommend, again depending on your budget and size of campaign.

I would be happy to discuss how I have built out metric tracking, spreadsheets and reporting for clients both cloud based, with ROI and side by side comparisons.

Hi Sarah,

There are many opinions on which social media platform drives most traffic to your website. Specifically as your platform is selling products, crafts specifically, Pinterest is an amazing tool! Conversion rates from Pinterest boards to purchasing is far more than those on any other social media platform. A great tip: Pin from your website to your pinterest boards, this drives traffic back to your website/craft store once the pins are clicked on. You can view analytics on your store and pinterest to evaluate your follower demographics and cater to those.

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