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20 years of experience as a multi-channel marketer, brand creator and marketing strategist for B2B and B2C clients in several industries. Je parle aussi le français.

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Do a great video of yourself making art out of horseshoes. Make sure your sound is professional and tell us an engaging story. Cover your interview with lots of B-roll images of you doing your craft. Put extreme close-ups of your tools and materials while we hear you tell your story. Duration 3 to 5 minutes max. Create a unique brand or trade name and make sure you brand consistently each piece of art as well as your web site or blog, so you can become the Gutzon Borglum (he carved Mount Rushmore) of your trade. I wish you success and prosperity.

There is no such thing as "a best place to pitch an angel". You fish bass where you find them...

You are swimming in murky waters. In the USA, there is a "fair copyright law" that lets you publish and use other people's content for educational and critique purposes but if you want to monetize a business using other people's intellectual property, I highly recommend that you consult your legal counsel when you have a clearer definition of your platform and business model. The best way to curate and publish other people's content is to have some kind of royalty or payment agreement with your content source to avoid lawsuits, that are most likely to happen once you start building your brand.

Before litigating on one another, why don't you instruct your respective legal counsel not to sue, but rather to MEDIATE and come up with a FAIR solution for both parties based on: hard dollars invested, sweat equity and ideas. And before you even spend your after-tax dollars as an entrepreneur to do that, ask yourself: how much money did this business generate so far? If the answer is 0$ you may want to reconsider implicating your lawyers. Maybe you are chasing a FBI (false beautiful idea), but nonetheless you may think you have invested so much time, effort, money and emotions in the project so you don't want to let go. That's ok, but pick a fight that has a REAL prize to win, not some maybe-vague-possible revenue stream, otherwise the only winners will be your lawyers....Litigation: you know when it starts, but never when it will end...

Your press release should mention "Interactive press release" when emailed to the press. There should be a live link enabling journalist to download photos, videos and links to your content. You should have a boilerplate (i.e a mini-resume) about your company at the bottom of the page. The most important part is your banner title. Make sure it's catchy and try to announce something worth printing that will truly engage the audience of the media you are soliciting. Ask yourself: Is this relevant to the audience they are reaching? Try calling first to request the permission to email and confirm the email address. Getting that permission is key, it will increase your chances of getting coverage.

Any donation using a Web site and QR code will eventually create a tax liability for your homeless friend along with the obligation to share a percentage of any incoming donations with Paypal or similar companies, but the real challenge will be to convince a bank to open an account to withdraw funds. I also feel that a homeless using QR code and a Website to promote itself could be ill-perceived as a marketing strategy rather than as a mean to survive, although your intentions to help this person are very noble and sincere.

My recommandation is: import your video files in Final Cut Pro, insert a PNG with your watermark, place it and size it in the frame, stretch the PNG duration to match your video file, output QuickTime file in the format of your choice.

Your business model seems to be a SAAS model (software as a service). The best way to make them forget about your company size is to provide them with a working free trial offer of your software and to get them to input as much of their own data into it so they will think twice before switching to another provider. I wish you success and prosperity. François B.

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