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Not all decks are delivered in person so I would avoid comedy. If you are humourous and that's part of your delivery style to break the ice then ok, but I would focus on winning investor attention through the strength of your people, product and potential and not some joke

The best time is when you realise you need extra funds to grow. When you realise it is beyond just bootstrapping and you believe it is something that can really scale

To be honest I think if you are starting a new job then it's best to avoid the loan as this will usually come up as part of the question. Here in the UK many banks or startup loan organisations will want to know that you are focusing on building the business and generating revenue in order to pay back the loan.

If you are going to get a job I suggest you focus on bootstrapping your business idea rather than getting a loan. You can't put your heart into both. Many have tried and end up living in regret.

It would depend on the investor but most I know would want to know
- traction. how many have signed up for the app
- team. the strength, experience and committment of the team to the project
- financials. know your numbers inside out. From simple projected revenue to churn to cost of acquistion
- market. what is the market potential and who is your competition

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