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Technology stack and product development advisor. Able to help people with their development stack, product development process, tooling advice and PaaS and IaaS options. I'm the CTO and co-founder of WealthBar ( We're trying to open up traditional wealth management to smaller clients offering a combination of personal financial advice and expertly managed portfolios online. I'm an experienced full-stack web developer who's worked primarily with .NET and Ruby on Rails but dabbles with just about everything. I'm currently building products with AngularJS and Rails. Let me know if I can help you and your startup. All proceeds go to charity.

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At this stage there are lots of decent web tutorials but I find Ryan Bates Railscasts some of the best for learning the technology. However if you want to just become better at Ruby and Javascript there is no substitute for good books.

I've just been reading Avdi Grimm's Confident Ruby and I think it's an amazing book for showcasing good use of Ruby and patterns of Ruby code and API design.

I wish I had suggestions for Javascript that were equally good, but I honestly have not read much in the Javascript space.

I'd also suggest listening to some podcasts like Ruby Rogues and Javascript Jabber where they often review books and concepts that you can then go read. The Ruby Rogues mailing list is also a good place to discuss Ruby issues.

For tutoring I can just suggest joining a solid experienced team as a junior developer and learning from them.

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