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Social media strategies veteran for CPG, NPO, and emerging tech. Employee Advocacy program development, including the first-ever blended employee-and-fan program for a public health campaign. Innovative social strategies aligned to specific business objectives for a variety of brands like Zestra, Inc., JELD-WEN, David Lynch Foundation Music, and more.

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It feels like this is a cart before the horse strategy, especially since MDs aren't avid social users. That said, you'd be well served by an influencer program and I'm happy to talk to you about that approach if you'd like to call.

All the best!

Until you've sufficiently identified the pain points of your audience, and built content that addresses those pain points with a compelling narrative, there's no need to talk about results.

If you're interested in exploring how I've helped NPOs develop their programs, I'm happy to take your call.

All the best!

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