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Working with IT Consultancy Seshaat on telecoms blockchain startup OpenCryptoTrust: After a successful POC for a central Asian government with our Blockchain as a Transport (BaaT) solution we will shortly announce exciting plans for growth in November 2019.

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My 'growth marketing' approach to this question would be to research and write a sold content piece answering this ROI question with best practice and case studies.

That piece can then be both shared with prospects as a way to open up a discussion, and used as sponsored content on LinkedIn to better qualify new prospects.

In other words (taking a leaf out of James Clear's 'Atomic Habits' focus on getting the process right) demonstrate you know why analytics are so valuable to a business first, then share that with clients to start a better sales conversation.

I used a similar approach in a recent B2B marketing role where I convinced a member of our field sales team to collect data from our existing client on the ROI of using our software, and turned that into content that both drove upsell and helped engage new prospects via LinkedIn.

Happy to chat more if it would be helpful!

The short answer is to start by getting the business basics right before writing a marketing strategy.

To select one tactic to help grow an engaged community? "Personalised moderation’ works well with large complex communities."

I worked in online community management and this insight comes from the last serious article I wrote on this subject, which delved into the science behind growing an online community:

Another communication route is to access the relevant online community for the membership body for CFOs.

For example, in the UK the chartered accountants' organisation the ICAEW has an online community with 104K members:

As I recall gaining access to CFOs, and their associated influence on purchasing decisions, was a key reason why Microsoft UK financially sponsored the creation of that community back in 2008.

(1) Provide a detailed business plan which shows the route to return on investment for investors.

(2) Make sure you promote the platform where your potential investors are most likely to come across it.

(3) Make sure you have prepared detailed answers in advance to potential investors questions.

Those are 3 useful variables to consider in creating the best go-to market strategy for acquiring investors on an equity crowdfunding site

To manage technical people you don't need to understand each and every detail, and how they relate to each other, what you really need is to ensure IT people understand you, and your customers' needs. And to keep on checking and improving on that understanding. After all it's end benefits to the customer that sell products, not features, however technically advanced they are.

PS: I am not a techie, but picked up a few things from my father who worked in the 1960s on new types of transistors which would work at high frequencies in the hostile environment of outer space!

Hi Slava,

I haven't scaled an agency, but I was today fortunate to be talking with an extremely successful smart guy in London who told me how he scaled up his marketing agency using retainers.

To get the work done he uses freelancers, and even then due to the scale of the massive PPC campaigns he runs finds freelancers can be less than perfect.

So I certainly think retainers are the way forward to build your business, but I would think carefully as you grow the business about how you scale up in terms of human resource.

My consultancy viewpoint is that it all comes down to the organisation of the business. Happy to explain further what I mean by that business organised approach, if you think that could be valuable to you.

Having helped launch an innovative pay-as-you-go medical imaging software platform without first getting customer validation, and seeing that fail and burn X million dollars, I would 100% concur that you need to test your SaaS proposition to find where/why is the demand. And importantly to be open and honest with their feedback. Good luck!

Having led a team of growth hackers to help grow a 20+ year old software company, which was transitioning from a licensing model to a SaaS approach, and encountered many obstacles along the way I would offer one piece of advice. When choosing such an expert think honestly about two candidates types. The ideal candidate who appears to offer everything you want and more. And the experienced candidate who isn't perfect, but who can show they've been through similar tough growth challenges and delivered the goods, with testimonials to back that up.

At the risk of sounding simplistic, and bearing in mind price is based on demand, you should factor in that demand component when calculating your worth.

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