I have an exhibition event coming up and I managed to get my company's booth creatively designed, the problem is that I'm struggling to find something that would attract people to come inside the booth and explore it instead of just passing by it I wonder from where do events company find these ideas, I thought of hologram, big touch screens, photo booths but these has been used before Any suggestions? I'm open to anything creative! Thanks

Hey - I can appreciate your situation. I have done a lot of trade shows, from small (50 vendors) to big (Hundreds).

A creative booth is great to have. Lights. Bells. Whistles. I guess all of this stuff at the very least will attract attention... but what's really going to keep people inside your booth is YOU.

YOU. If I'm a potential customer of yours, are you asking me questions? Are you engaging me? Are you listening to me? Are you able to hear me and share your benefits... helping me solve not just my challenges but help me with new opportunities?

Beauty is skin deep... it's the words that come out of your mouth that will keep in engaged in your booth.

If it's a personal touch you're looking for... why not a simple and fun card trick. Easy to find at your local magic store. Most people love magic... natural curiosity. Then, while (confidently) perfuming your trick (because you've practiced and practiced) you can earn the right to inquire and ask them questions about their reality and their needs...

Never under estimate the value of good old fashioned *people skills*

Answered 7 years ago

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