How do you Survive while you try and make a big idea happen??! Are there reliable ways to make a consistent income online?

I agree with every Dave said. I would like to add add a 4 step strategy that I have used myself and with my clients.

1. Come up with a month budget. Get very clear on what you need number [$] to make to be able to manage you responsibilities while you work on the big idea.

2. Come up with 4 services that you can teach or provide that you know come really easy for you. It would be ideal if those services were in alignment with your big idea. Sometimes that is not the case so if it isn't no biggie]. Create a google doc or simple wordpress site that outlines that service.

3. Set up a PayPal account so that you will be able to take payments online.

4. Make list of 10 - 20 people who have good relationships with [including friends and family] that you can provide those services for. Make spreadsheet with all of their contact info. Send a pitch letter to them describing your services and how long it will take you to deliver the service to them.

Follow up periodically with any one who didn't reply or purchase. Your main goal is every month to make that number you listed in step number 1. I can help you set something like this up if you like. Let me know.

Answered 6 years ago

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