As a small business coach in the Chiropractic industry, I speak at a few events and put up a table. It's not a big trade show sort of deal, but there is traffic walking by our table. What are some good practices to pull people in and educate them on what we offer (coaching, audio programs, retreat, etc.)?

I work in an industry that has been dominated by another company for more than 20 years. At our national association's annual conference, I have access to 750-1000 prospects passing by my booth and the many others in the room. However, the work we do is SIGNIFICANTLY different from this long-standing competitor. In fact, the only way a prospect would ever choose to work with us is if they fully understand the differences and that takes time. In other words, we had to find a way to spend 3-5 minutes with 50-60 of our best opposed to 5-10 seconds with each of 1000 prospects.

We have been incredibly successful because our booth was designed to immediately separate our 80/20 Rule prospects from the create a VIP experience that brought those prospects in to our booth...and afforded us the time we needed to visit with them at length, explaining the real value proposition we offer our clients that nobody else in the industry can.

If this sounds like the sort of situation you find yourself in, and you'd like to spend some time talking about some specific suggestions that will allow you the same opportunities, I invite you to schedule a call. It's worked for us and I'm quite positive I can share some strategies that we've used...strategies that will help you get what you need out of YOUR next show.



Answered 6 years ago

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