As a small business coach in the Chiropractic industry, I speak at a few events and put up a table. It's not a big trade show sort of deal, but there is traffic walking by our table. What are some good practices to pull people in and educate them on what we offer (coaching, audio programs, retreat, etc.)?

It is critical to create awareness of your presence at the event prior to being there. If you use social media platforms, attendees connected to the event will start noticing your posts on the SM platforms. At the event it is important to speak with whoever walks by and make eye contact with them. I always recommend to simply network with the attendees and avoid "selling" them your services. Creating relationships is crucial. If you go to different events, your industry colleagues will start noticing your presence at various events. Create "breathing rooms" for the people you are networking with. It is all about building relationships. Good luck!

Answered 6 years ago

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