What kind of sales roles are there in a company like i.e. Box?


To help you with this, look at the offers on Box's website. There would be a sales support team for general questions and getting quotes and is basically the online sales.

However, based on my experience, the biggest sales activity is probably focused on Business for the integration of Box within a company's infrastructure. This is what will generate the highest margin. This clearly a job on the field, being in contact with the companies day to day.

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I would differentiate between the following hunters and farmers:
Hunters are salespeople whose main responsibility is to bring in new business for a company, be it by cold-calling over the phone or by going door to door.
Farmers focus solely on existing accounts, ensuring their needs are being met and often finding new ways to sell their company's services to their clients.

Typical roles:
Sales Representatives: Sell products
Sales operations analyst: Everything around the sales process
Business Development: Developing and implementing growth opportunities between multiple organizations.
Account Manager: Takes care about the current clients and their needs

If you need any further help on sales roles or in general about sales, please feel free to contact me.

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Three categories.

The first is sales development or inside sales. The main objective for this role is to close small deals and qualify larger ones.

Second is regional sales, sales director (outside sales) position. Main role here is to close large complex deals $100k per year or more.

Third is sales management. Various levels depending on the size of your company.

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VP of Sales
Director of Sales
Sales Managers - manage different teams (AE's/AM's/CSM's/SDR's across different market segments: SMB, Mid-Market, and Enterprise).

Account Executives: focused on net new business
Account Managers: focused on retaining / up-selling existing business
Customer Success: often measured differently than Account Managers and role is to ensure customer is engaged and trained on product; sometimes CSM can mean AM and vice versa
(typically AE's/AM's/CSM's are on different teams selling into different market segments; SMB, Mid-Market and Enterprise)

Sales Engineers: brought into deals by AE's / AM's as a technical expert to help close deals

Sales Development Reps: role is to generate leads for AE's (sometimes AM's also). Often are different types of SDR's (inbound versus outbound).

Other misc sales roles:
Head of Sales Operations
Head of Sales Enablement
Head of Sales Training

Answered 8 years ago

Any company be it BOX or some other company cannot stay rigid in its sales strategy and sales roles or it will have problems in the long run.
Whether you are entering the job market for the first time or looking for a new career path, a sales job may be the right move for you. Sales can be one of the top paying jobs and can offer great perks like flexible working hours and opportunities for promotion. As an inside sales rep, you would be responsible for maintaining existing client relationships. You are the main point of contact for your company’s clients and are expected to retain their business and build a strong business relationship. Lead generation/development is responsible for conducting research and networking to make new business contacts. The right research could lead you to discover untapped sales potential. Like outside sales, they most often make their sales face-to-face. To succeed in this role, you will need to be consistently bringing new sales and clients to the company.
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