I've been helping startups as VP Product and am now considering freelancing. Whether you're early stage or growth stage, I can see the need for a dedicated PM, but a good PM in whatever shape or form is way better than a dedicated average PM. So I'm curious - would you hire a freelance PM to help you out ?

In my experience, international organizations of all sizes successfully hire freelance product managers and/or product consultants. This is especially true In the entertainment and media business. Anyone who says differently has probably never seen it done successfully. Are there challenges with freelance - absolutely - but what do you think all this product development lifecycle software is used for?! What are all these telecommuting tools, online presentation tools, and mobile phones used for?!

Apparently the naysayers here have never worked with a large organization that has multiple international offices -- many times, this is the ONLY way to get things done.


Answered 8 years ago

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