Hi, having run an organization myself, I would be happy to help you and coach you on what my team usually looks for especially with blind requests. I do advice you to take time to study the organization and then establish a point of contact in your introduction. This could be a staff member, this could be where you heard about them or a need that they have, and I would advise you to use this opportunity to tell them a way in which you can improve their social media and event planning after having researched them thoroughly. How can they grow their brand? What can they learn from other in similar niches? Come up with many strong suggestions for them on things they are not yet doing that they need done, then offer yourself as a credible solution. This will definitely give you an ear. Since this is blind, I suggest to research the staffing hierarchies and look for the top executives of the company to address it to. Also make sure you follow up - I suggest with an email the next day and then with a call in a few day. I would be very happy to schedule a follow up call to look through the draft of your letter and can give you more suggestions. Do let me know- with my experience in running companies and writing, I will help you polish your application.

Answered 6 years ago

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