I'm assuming you're meaning touch heavy B2B sales strategy, as opposed an automated method.

Like people have mentioned above, listening is a good start, but I think you need to dig much, much deeper than that. Good sales comes down to trying to UNDERSTAND the problem which a client is having.

Problems come in different shapes, forms and intensities. At a high level, I would say that you should try to:

1) Identify the problem your client is having

2) Dig into why this is actually a problem. Is it costing them money? Time? Lost revenue? Brand damage? Lost profitability?

3) What is causing this problem?
3.1) Really dig down here. Don't settle for vague answers. You want to know EXACTLY what is causing the problem, because that will allow you to formulate the best way to present solutions.

4) Develop the problem further once you have identified it. Highlight to them what will happen If they DON'T address this issue. What will be the long term cost and implications?
4.1) Quantify problems in concrete terms such as lost revenue/sales, lost leads, wasted product, etc. Don't be vague and amorphous. Make sure you understand their problem to this sort of level.
4.2) It is also important to develop problems which you / your product can solve. Don't focus on ones you can't, that will only cause trouble for you.

5) Highlight to the person how your solution specifically solves the issues they've mentioned (e.g. lost revenue, time, etc), and quantify it.
5.1) Saying something like 'we can save you time' won't get you anywhere. To really help pull a prospect along in the sales process, aim to say something like "Our service/product X can save you Y (dollars/hours/lost leads) per month, which will add Y to your bottom line each and every single month" or similar if you are increasing revenue or profitability, for example.

This is a bit of a simplistic overview, but problem development, especially from the point of view of the customer can yield some quite impressive results. It does take time and effort, so is much better suited to high value B2B sales.

Answered 7 years ago

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