As a serial entrepreneur, I was asked this question in the book "The Eventual Milionaire", and this is what I said. A study was done by the University of Pennsylvania to try to figure out if they could predict success. They studied every possible area from West Point cadets to national spelling bee finalists to professional golfers, to teachers to salespeople. They found that IQ was not the most important thing: there are plenty of very smart people that do not accomplish very much. Neither was it EQ, a person's raw talent (for example in sports), or how well the person communicated, or how attractive they were, etc. They found that the most important thing was a quality that they called "grit", which was the ability to persevere when things are not going well. It's also the quality that allows a person to work on things that are difficult, rather than gravitating towards things that are easy. For example, the children that did best in spelling bees are not the ones that went over the words that they already knew (which is easy). The ones that won, are the ones who did the really hard practice of words that they didn't know over and over again. The same was true for golfers. Persons raw talent that golf didn't matter as much as their grit and perseverance in choosing to practice over and over again the skills that they weren't good at, and were most difficult to do. So my advice to you, is to develop your perseverance/grit, and you will find that you can actually accomplish what you are only dreaming about today. I wish you the best of success.

Answered 6 years ago

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