For example, I see where they have listed all credits for using pictures. I think I need to seek permission from all the original owners of assets, before using these on my website? Is that right? Are there any standard policies for sports' events pictures?

No, generally speaking the photographer will own the copyright in a photograph, which means you would need to have permission of some sort from the photographer in order to use his/her photograph. The "History of the World Cup' link you provide indicates that most or all of the photos references there are either in the public domain (no copyright owner) or are licensed for use by anyone under certain conditions (the "CC" ones, which stands for Creative Commons, a terrific system that allows copyright owners to license out copyrighted works for free with certain parameters -- The photos that aren't either public domain or licensed under a Creative Commons license may be infringing a copyright owner's rights, or the site owner may have obtained permission some other way from the copyright owner.

The credits provided to photographers or other sources for the photographs don't have any effect under U.S. copyright law. Providing credit is obviously a polite and appropriate thing to do, but it does not change anything from a legal standpoint.

Answered 5 years ago

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