Would like to provide a service to schools where create extracurricular student groups in which the children would start a business and run it and revenue generated from the student business would help provide extra funding for the school.. Can schools own a business.

This is an interesting question that is pretty loaded with possible results.

If you've got an idea -- that is awesome. It's now all about the execution of that idea.

With regards to your question of, "Can a school own a business" -- I'd recommend if you have an idea that you approach a school that you have a possible relationship with *already* and speaking to them about this model directly.

A business like this is ideal for starting in the "Lean Startup" (take a look at Eric Ries) approach by testing your initial hypothesis (what is that ONE question that would tell you if this would lead to customer #1 or FAIL fast and then pivot)?

This is a great start.

Keep going.

Focus. #deliver

- mike vizdos

Answered 7 years ago

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