Great advice from Jeff.

If you're referring to the online program, "Referral Key"... I've seen the program, I personally don't like it. I think it's one of the worst programs out there... it cheapens and devalues the sales process.

Why? Because at our very core, we humans are emotional creatures - we make decisions based on emotion. We justify with logic later.

Yes, I've certainly referred people and sometimes there's even a finders fee - however the finders fee was not the motivating factor to providing the referral. TRUST in the person receiving the referral is the factor...

If, and I'm only guessing as I know you only get 150 characters to post a question, you're looking for a way to get referrals... then the trick is this... you EARN them ;-)

Linkedin has proven to be one of my best online platforms to earn business. I use linkedin to share knowledge, contribute to posts by others, make introductions, give (earned) endorsements, give (earned) recommendations... in return I've been wonderfully rewarded - I've earned business in return.

The beauty about Linkedin is that when someone refers you, that person can view your endorsements (social proof) and recommendations (proof of results).

How do you get a referral. You give one to get one, but don't expect one.

Good luck!

Answered 7 years ago

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