I have a problem. I'm a relatively new co-founder and generally a beginner in the startup world. For the last few years that I've been doing startups and starting new businesses, I was in a constant sprint, which pretty much made me abandon my social life and relationships outside work. When I start a new project I don't get off of the computer until I finish with everything related to it. It's like the world stops for a while. Later on, I find that it was running but just without me. It's the following problem I was reflecting on recently. In order to be the best, you have to sacrifice something and avoid things that are in your way of succeeding. On the other hand, being so determined might be emotionally and physically tiring and even damaging. I'd like to hear from successful entrepreneurs, how you managed your work-life balance and what helped you avoid getting into the trap of the no hours workday?

I'm a firm believer in being successful in business but also finding a balance. It can be challenging when you love what you do and enjoy building your business, plus making money is the goal and that takes work. I'm a firm believer in delegation and collaboration. I realize that I'm not good at every aspect of my business and for some tasks to get done, I need to get help. I've gotten a lot of benefit from working with a virtual assistant who can be paid per project. Recently, I published two books and I hired someone to edit and upload the books and someone else to illustrate the cover. If I hadn't done that, the books would never have been completed. I would encourage you to take a serious look at all of your tasks and evaluate what you must do and what someone else could do as well or even better than you can. See if you can remove some tasks from your plate. Also consider breaking down projects and creating a reasonable deadline. Do a little bit every day instead of putting your nose to the grindstone and not coming up for air. It will get done.

I wrote an column on self care if you'd like to check it out. Available for a phone chat as well. Best wishes!

Answered 5 years ago

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