People keep telling me that a trait of entrepreneurs is focus. But what if an entrepreneur can create and realize 2 or 3 ideas at the same time? Why wait to finish/fail 1 and then start the other?

Product designer for 10 years. Chief Product Officer for 4 years. I've tested many, many product ideas.

What does "pursue" mean to you. If you mean incorporate, raise money, grow the business, etc – that won't work.

If you mean "validate" – then sure. Treat all 3 ideas as experiments. Figure out the leanest, most efficient, way to test the base assumptions of your ideas – and test all 3 at once. Better yet, do all 3 tests in the next 3 weeks. Then revaluate and further test.

You really want to put your ideas through a battery of tests to see where they are strong and weak. Through this process a winner will emerge.

Answered 6 years ago

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