Hi, We are a tech startup located in a small city with limited pool of talent and a mid-size university. We are looking to hire a new tech member in a few months, but we don't know where to start, who and how to hire. Remote vs. on-site? Experienced vs. recent grads? How do we vet? What type of person to look for? Please provide your input and I'd be happy to set up a call to discuss in details.

I'd say your first decision is whether or not you consider it critical to hire locally. If you're going to hire locally, you'll just have to seek the local maximum -- the best person you can hire within the smaller talent pool that you have available. In that case, it's crucial to figure out how to identify and attract the best local talent -- where they are, what appeals to them etc.

If you're willing to hire remotely, then you'll have a vastly wider talent pool, but you'll also have some of the challenges that come with remote work, which are a different set of challenges. Again, you'll need to figure out where to advertise, how to appeal to the candidates, but you'll also need to spend some time on deciding how to manage someone who's not there in front of you. (I'm guessing from your question that you're not already doing that).

Answered 6 years ago

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