With most SaaS products, you create an account, click the pay button and put in your credit card number. From my understanding, this might not be the ideal solution for users who are not the purchasing decision makers in their organizations. What would an ideal billing process look like for a SaaS dealing with such customers? What's the ideal B2B SaaS billing process for users that have their finance department (Ent.) or CEO (SMB) involved in all purchases?

We deal with this from time to time at

Typically the decision maker is one of the users in so will be the person that enters in a Credit card. In fact, we allow anyone who is an admin to be able to enter a CC number into the app and update the billing settings for the whole group.

That being said, sometimes the decision maker does not need to use the system herself.

In such cases, we get the cc number over the phone, log in on her behalf (or as one of the other users) and enter the credit number in the account.

Once entered, the CC number is encrypted and hidden so no admin can actually steal the card number

This process works pretty well for us.

Answered 6 years ago

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