Is it wise to get a bank loan to finance my startup?

I’m considering getting a loan from a bank for my startup because of the following facts: - I have no time to go chasing investors. - I have no traction. - I’m in the product development phase and I only have time to develop/code. I need 1 more month to finish. - I’m quitting my job and I only have saved money to survive for 4 months. - I would like to concentrate myself in this venture 100% If I decide to do freelance jobs part-time in order to have money to live, I will lose focus. Because I invested $6,000 from my money into the startup (I have only burned through half) and I have a good credit score, a friend of mine told me I can get loan very fast. What should I do? What are the disadvantages of getting a bank loan? Would you recommend it?


Hello. My experience showed me that it is definitely not easy to get money from a bank especially in the early stages. It really depends on what type of business you are starting.

Banks would usually look for risk management in the form of assets you own in case the business doesn't progress as planned. Unlike venture capitalists who are used to take a risk on startup investment, in the case of a bank it's very different and not trivial but I may not know all the schemes that banks offer in the US (is this where you are located?)

I'd be happy to help you on your thinking process and cover the key points over a phone call.

Hope this helps

Answered 9 years ago

As founder you have to learn to balance growth and fundraising. Get a friends and family round together to launch your MVP.

Answered 9 years ago


Read my comment on this topic on the question Camille posted.

Answered 9 years ago

You may be able to get a bank loan on your personal credit. The bank will simply look at your credit score and your current income (which indicates your ability to re-pay the loan). Your company will most likely not be able to obtain a bank loan until the point it has had positive cash flow for 6+ months.

I have used credit card debt, 401k withdrawals/loans and home equity loans to finance my personal expenses in the past. They all work, but savings are obviously better.

If your idea is good enough and mature enough, you can try to raise money from family & friends.

Answered 9 years ago

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