I want to develop a website similiar to the below one for my locality.

Pros: you will be able to get a proof of concept and a final version of the site quickly, compared to other frameworks. It will be possible to get it developed by a good freelance developer instead of a whole development team. Also a site to rate local schools has fairly standard components, so it would be easy to take existing code from other projects and get it started quickly.

I estimate for example that a proof of concept can be developed in about 3 weeks and a final site launched in 2 months

Cons: Rails developers are more rare than php programmers. Also a Rails application is an elaborate system. It's not as easy as a Wordpress site where you just grab and drop files. You will definitively need someone who has experience delivering elaborate sites like the one mentioned.

If you want more advice, we can discuss.

Answered 4 years ago

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