Hi everyone! I opened a digital marketing agency a year ago in the UK. It has been profitable so far with a good steady turnover. However, it is dependent on ad-hoc projects. I mostly do the work myself when it comes to PPC, social media, content marketing and Facebook ads. Everything else, such as website development and graphic design, I outsource to freelancers. I want to scale up the agency. I was thinking of selling retainers - defined packages paid every month. Maybe come up with one starter retainer for small businesses, one retainer for growing businesses and one bespoke retainer package. I was also looking into the possibility of buying packages from a company which is based in the Philippines. They offer various packages, including SEO, which I can sell and just add my margin on top. My questions is - what do you think - in-house created packages fulfilled by freelancers or re-selling ready-made marketing retainers as bought from a resellers abroad? Does anyone have experience with scaling up a digital agency? Thank you! Slava

Hi Slava,

I haven't scaled an agency, but I was today fortunate to be talking with an extremely successful smart guy in London who told me how he scaled up his marketing agency using retainers.

To get the work done he uses freelancers, and even then due to the scale of the massive PPC campaigns he runs finds freelancers can be less than perfect.

So I certainly think retainers are the way forward to build your business, but I would think carefully as you grow the business about how you scale up in terms of human resource.

My consultancy viewpoint is that it all comes down to the organisation of the business. Happy to explain further what I mean by that business organised approach, if you think that could be valuable to you.

Answered 4 years ago

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