I'm trying to find unmet needs in this field, but so far spin in circles as there are a lot of blogs like nerdwallet, thesimpledollar, doing a good job. Yet, I get coaching clients online or in-presence that ask for help in simplifying their lives. My hypothesis are: people aren't aware of these blogs or don't make any effort to find them people aren't willing to truly discipline their life expenses people are resistant to change and uncommitted What is your take? And how can I carve out a niche for myself (I'm franco-american, so I'm looking at both US and French market opportunities)

Hey, I'm Ryan... Currently living in East Africa. One market that might be lacking a strong blog presence is French Expats /Francophone Countries. Expats are typically young and want to "experience" the new country while ignoring their finances. It's also extremely difficult learning new tax/investment laws and depending on your time horizon it's easier to ignore finance until you return home a few years later.

Emerging markets have much different investment practices which are often out of sync for expats. It would definitely be an open market although the size of the market isn't huge and it's very diverse.

Answered 3 years ago

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