I've tried looking at other accounts, but they tend to use mostly generic hashtags such as #art. How do you find ones where you're more likely to be noticed?

I find the best process to do this is to browse Instagram and see what hashtags others are using. But often that is really hard since especially the big accounts are often not using any hashtags anymore.

A couple of things I do from time to time to find new hashtags to use (in all these steps I am taking notes in parallel to research the hashtags I found later for volume):

1) Browse accounts that I want to be like and see which hashtags they are using

2) Go on my own photos and go to hashtags I used. Look at the photos others have posted with the same hashtags and look into their descriptions to see which other hashtags they used.

3) Use the Instagram search to input my generic hashtag and see what the suggestions are (also take into consideration how much volume those have)

With the hashtags that I found, I then go into Instagrams search and also note the size of the hashtag. And based on that I then decide which make sense to incorporate into my descriptions.

But I don't try to force it. If I only have 14 hashtags for an image. I am using those and not randomly try to bump that up to 30.

Additionally: it's good to look at the "banned hashtags" lists every so often. You can easily find lists by googling "banned Instagram hashtags 2017". It's probably not something you can remember completely. But it's helpful not to burn yourself.

PS. finding the non-generic hashtags might be one struggle. But remembering those and using them on the next photos is even harder. At least that's what my struggle is.

Answered 3 years ago

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