I want to start a side hustle. I'm skilled with Pinterest and thought of creating a Pinterest posting service for businesses. I was thinking of starting a side hustle doing Pinterest posting for businesses. Perhaps specialize in Pinterest for e-commerce companies. And once I get more confident with my skills and have more results I can offer higher end Pinterest consulting and services. Is super focusing on a Pinterest-only service a good idea, or is it too limiting? I do not want to offer any Facebook services as I don't feel comfortable getting results with FB, but I know I can with Pinterest.


Pinterest is essentially like a search engine and a great source of traffic. Many people don't bother especially businesses as they are so focused on the main platforms such as Instagram.

Every post on Pinterest is intended to drive people to the source. Their job can be to post all of their usual content on Instagram and Facebook. Your job can be to generate traffic for that content by posting it on Pinterest for them.

I see this as a high-value side hustle and I definitely think you should go for it especially if you feel comfortable doing so.

Answered 2 years ago

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