We're offering B2B services in a niche market that has very low search volume. Therefore SEO strategy & PPC weren't effective. Right now, we're heavily depending on Facebook Group & Linkedin Group to promote our contents (articles & ebooks). However, the traffic isn't good enough. Can you give some advice to overcome this situation?

With B2B your overall strategy should be to include all the different channels and make them work together.
1. You already use LinkedIn, but are you sponsoring content in the feed or through direct messaging to your ideal consumers? When you sponsor content you can reach the exact person within any given company you want to pitch your products to.
2. Are you running a re-targeting campaign? When you have low search volume you need to make sure that you maximize conversions from the traffic that you are generating. Consider running a re-targeting campaign combining Google display ads and LinkedIn or display ads and Facebook.
3. Connect your website to Facebook and get audience recommendations to increase your reach. This will give you similar people to advertise to.
4. Your content strategy cannot be ruled out because of low search volume. Your prospects still search for 'other' terms online and finding their variations or LSI terms will give you more volume to target.
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Answered 2 years ago

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