I'm a President/CEO of a small company that's growing like a weed. I've delegated effectively and often find myself coming up with a new idea and delegating it. At times I run out of important things to do in my workday. Yes, the free time gives me time to think strategically - but I feel guilty. I don't want to feel guilty, but truly understand that I'm still getting things done, just through others.

Delegation is very major and necessary task for a CEO/ Leader. Here is my points first for delegations :
1. Risk Involvement of delegated work : We always start delegating work which have lower risks, and gradually once we gain the trust from the team member we can increase our bet.
2. Check Points : We should always have check points to analysis output for task which we delegated to our subordinates, so we can compare with our own results and if there is any gap, we plan for improvements with the delegated team members.

Now about your work, I strongly believe a CEO/ Leader should work on “A” Category tasks. As a general practise, In a working day you can invest :
- 40% of your time for your current business
- 30% for Annual/Half Yearly Projection for current business
- Rest 30% for Innovation & New Ideas Explorations.

You can change these % based on your business requirements and current status of operations. These are points are based on my experience with running a successful venture and developing multiple new business, We did practise for almost 1 year in our organisations for Delegations & Time Management.

Answered 2 years ago

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