We just shortlisted a Tech Cofounder on our Early stage Self funded Tech Marketplace startup.Hes good on the skill set but we are not sure yet on the ‘compatibility’ part- which we are counting on as very important as well for the core team. Whats the Best way to go forward with this: testing the ‘compatibility’ with salary for say 2-3 months before handing equities or straight away giving out equities? Affordability shouldn’t be an issue since we are highly particular on selection of the core team.

Having a retainer is usually the best way to test out your client, but by it’s nature of locking someone into a contract, it makes them harder to get. I personally prefer charging an hourly rate first to test out the client.

Mainly to see if they are worth working with, if compatibility isn't an issue then you know what to do. If it proves to be difficult then I suggest looking for someone else.

I hope this helped, if you need any further assistance don't be afraid to send a call my way!

Answered 2 years ago

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