I want to be able to give value to the clients and earn more than $2000 per website.


It comes down to a few key factors:

- what do you do to be perceived as THE expert?
- What do you do to constantly improve your selling skills?
- How do you differ yourself from other players?
- Which story do you have to tell about the customer, his pains, needs and glorious future?

I guess a suitable fast track tactic for your space will be:

- Building valuable free content around your subject
- Using as much personalized communicational material as possible (book: never loose a customer again)
- pre-dealing with your customers anxiety by creating an analysis (during the sales stage) of the predicted outcome of the website, customized to the customers goals i.e. leads, purchases etc.
- over deliver with additional included services, trainings, consulting or products
- grant some form of satisfaction guarantee

Lastly: work hard and then work header!

I hope this gives you at least a perspective and some inspiration.

If you ever have an additional question or you want to dive deeper into how to grow into the "high tickets" - get in touch!


Answered 2 years ago

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