I want to be able to give value to the clients and earn more than $2000 per website.

Unless you are managing to attract customers with that sort of budget you might find the figure of $2000 a bit over-optimistic. Yes, some clients do pay that for a website but you might find it hard resourcing them without a large back catalogue of similar sized jobs to show them. Most customers willing to pay this kind of money will probably require something bespoke so you have to offer them something more than a standard website, plus time will probably need to be spent preparing a proposal. I have been running my "one man band" website design company for 18 years and find that most clients will be spending between £400 - £1000 per site, however, it's close to a 100% mark up so it's not bad for a days work. I would suggest start building as many sites as you can for smaller companies and build up your client list. It is better to create 10 websites at say $600 than 4 at $2000... you might be scratching your head reading that, but think about this... You will have twice as many clients in your portfolio paying you yearly for hosting (if you offer hosting also) and requesting updates. Plus there are more services you can offer moving forward. his was my mindset when I started my company. Building the client base. Now 18 years later I have over 400 clients paying me yearly hosting on top of my website and SEO work. Good luck. Feel free to request a call if you want to discuss this further.

Answered a year ago

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