I have an idea that I believe will benefit two target markets (don't we all). I have tried reaching out to one of the markets (food truck owners) online (email & Facebook): 4 in total so far. None of them responded. Is it because there's something wrong with my message to them? How do you get to the right people to validate your ideas? Do you try all sorts of methods before you finally give up? Is the lack of replies an indication that my idea won't work, am I executing my outreach the wrong way or do I just need to try to reach more people?

I think that relying on just email will limit your range. Depending upon the type of message or idea, I would try all sorts of methods. Combine your email, social media, network meetings, etc. Without knowing your idea, here are some suggestions:
FIRST - focus your marketing message on the problem and the benefits of your solution. If your idea isn't solving an important problem to some niche market, then that could be the stumbling block.
1) Certinaly your cold message method on email and facebook should be included. But maybe revamp your message in a video or audio (more like an informercial).
2) Go where your target clients gather in one place: networking meetings, professional associations, trade shows, hobby shops, banks etc
3) Craft your message such that it is solving a particular problem and be willing to give away your solution for free (in order to get this feedback).
4) Write articles, give webinars and speaking presentations on "how to solve this problem" - and then incorporate your solution into your presentation.
5) Build a core team of experts on your team. You core team should be both familiar with the problem you are trying to solve and have also have a well-defined network of their own. Ask your network contacts to reach out to their contacts. Offer some type of reciprocation or free gift for people that refer your beta program or customer survey to others. You can even collaborate with these people to co-produce some informercials together that highlight both your product ideas. This allows you and your partner to expand your reach of influence, collaborative.
If you like some of these tips, I am available for additional one-on-one coaching on these ideas.

Answered 6 years ago

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