How do I sell language courses without having a fancy, expensive website?

I'm a language agent, how do I promote the language courses without having a fancy book on the spot website?


Did you know that having an fancy expensive website doesn't do it either...I mean you can pour thousands of dollars into a website... but without traffic, it wont be worth it... Find you target demographic.. Schools, Community Centers etc... and go old school... HANG UP A FLYER!.... that will get you going... if your product is awesome... the organic word to mouth method will get you students... So two things.... do not be afraid to go OLD SCHOOL... and be sure that your product is of quality...

Answered 5 years ago

I'm going to give you advice that's contrarian to what you'll find online. Why? Because most advice out there I've noticed is by people who haven't actually done it.

These strategies worked for our business to generate real, actual revenue for selling a digital product — and it's inexpensive to start.

1) Outreach to friends — with a catch. Everyone has heard the advice that you should email your friends who are interested. I think that's true, and we've closed roughly 20% of our friends who we emailed about our product (or texted). But even for those friends who aren't interested, a good trick is to say "I know you're not interested, but who's one more person who might be? I'm happy to give you an affiliate commission if you refer someone." Because digital products are so inexpensive to produce, you could give $5 to a friend for referring someone because the margins on the sale are typically so great.

2) Partner giveaways. Giveaways still work well. We have a sister company that generates five-figures in net new revenue each month from giveaways. Their secret is partnering with other companies. Use a tool like BuzzSumo (or just Google) to find products in your niche. And then use a free giveaway tool (disclosure: my company makes one, but I don't want this post to be biased so I won't name it... just Google and use whatever you want). You want to aim for 3-5 partners. Just reach out and ask for a free product, in exchange for linking to them and mentioning them on the giveaway page/your promotion emails. That's typically good enough. You will fail with people who turn you down, but the benefit is partners will help you cross-promote which give you 2-5x the number of entrants. You can then promote your product to all your new email subscribers.

Good luck! I hope this helps.

Answered 5 years ago


Udemy is a great starting point (you can see mine at since you can get your course online in days, however if you are serious about doing courses online, you will have to have your own website (does not have to be fancy, thanks you Wordpress and Fiverr, most people can do it cost effectively).

Answered 5 years ago

a) Having a simple website is easy these days. You do not really need to make it fancy. Keep it simple. Some freelancers will do it for as low as 20$ and having a webpage is useful because it is more professional and adds more legitimacy.
Here is a service you can check out:

b) You can sell your services through many freelancer websites. Google freelancer websites and you will find fiverr,upwork,guru and others. You can list yourself as a seller and get going.

c) Register here and see if people want to then go the extra mile and actually buy your course.

Best wishes.

Answered 5 years ago

Build your followers in one or two social media.
Promote through there.
Upload quality works to showcase.
A decent offer and an effective solution - your sales will come.

The above is based on the assumptions that you have excellent language courses that can help many people at a very attractive price (provided your competitor is not offering zero cost).

Thus, before we promote the language courses, you need to perform a check on whether the timing, the target customers, the products/ services, minimum finance, etc.

Contact me any time and I can share with you a pre-launch checklist so that you can adjust yourself into the market.

Answered 5 years ago

If you'll be charging a fee for access, use WordPress + Content Restrict Pro + LearnDash or some similar combo.

If you're courses are free just publish your videos to YouTube.

Answered 5 years ago

What you might be considering to be a fancy website doesn't have to be expensive, or complicated. My company created a software product that helps you build and sell your online course. It provides a website you can customize without a developer, a complete online school platform that you can brand with your own logo, and built in payment processing so that new students can signup and pay you right through your website. Our platform is much more in depth than a simple website with videos of your content. We've studied and carefully optimized our platform to help guide students through your course. You'll also have analytics so you can measure student performance yourself. All of this is $49/month including hosting for your site.

That said, whether you end up using course creation software like ours or not, the site or software itself isn't going to get you new customers. You will still have to do the same work in promoting your courses regardless of how fancy or expensive your website is. If you haven't been selling or building an audience online, then you should start building up your online presence, even if you don't have an online course website built yet. The best way to do this is to start creating great content. We recommend starting with the avenue that is most comfortable to you (maybe that is writing, maybe it is recording videos). You can start publishing content on social media, on a blog (you can setup a account if you don't have a website), and on sites like youtube. If your online course hasn't been setup yet, what you will want to do as a minimum, is to start collecting email addresses. You can use a tool like Mailchimp, or ConvertKit to do this and to create email newsletters. This way when you are ready to launch your online course website, you will already have a group of email subscribers to promote your launch to.

Finally, don't get discouraged if you don't get a response after creating your first few pieces of content. It takes time and a large volume of quality content before you may start getting noticed. Think of other successful content creators who you've followed before online (even if they weren't specifically course creators). They likely put out a significant volume of content, and when they first started online they were likely in a similar position as yourself.

There much more that could be said about creating an online course business than I can fit in an answer here. If you'd like to read more, we write on our blog to help our audience of course creators learn how to build and promote their online course:

Answered 5 years ago

Well website will help you to get more customers but you can make videos and upload them on websites like coursera or LinkedIn and also you can use YouTube it is for free

Answered 5 years ago

First things first... I totally agree with everyone that has said to you that you don't need an expensive website.
I will tell you that the website is important though, since you will be sending traffic there so that they can buy course, so it has to help you build trust and give the user a good experience.

The first thing you must do is to know who you want to sell it to, you need to have your perfect audience identified. Narrow it as much as you can so you can target it better and position yourself as the go to person for learning that language in that particular market.

Once you have it identified, you need to create several videos (at least 5 in my opinion, but some others might differ, just follow your gut) and in those videos show them how they can accomplish something very specific.

Once you have them it is time to use the power of social networks... post your videos and share them in groups or places where your target market will find them and if you can use paid ads.

After the video just add something like this...
If you like this video and you ave any questions feel free to contact me by clicking the button below and if you would like to learn English so you can go with your family on a wonderful vacation and you can feel safe by knowing exactly what to say and how to understand the basics, visit

In your website just add a video with your course curriculum and explaining why they should join your course.

Just my 2 cents and a big pic overview

Hope it helps and if you want me to give help you further in selling your courses just send me a message and I'll be glad to talk with you.

Have a great day!

Answered 5 years ago

These days there are Wordpress templates specifically for websites that sell online courses. They have them with flat-price courses or subscription areas you can only access if you're a paying subscriber, and good ones include pre-built click funnels that market a free starter course for email signups. They're not expensive. Even hiring someone to install the template and get it set up is not that much. It's definitely worth the investment if you plan to get customers online.

I have my own team for Wordpress needs. Happy to help if you decide you want to create a website for this.

Answered 5 years ago

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