Where can I find superconnected b2b folks that would make introductions to our company for ~$1500 per closed deal?

Or any other ideas for how to setup a referral network. We have an amazing service, but really just now ramping up leadgen/growth.


You need to hire a cold calling expert that will contact the companies and schedule a meeting to close the deal. Email me at

Answered 5 years ago

Hi man,
Use you personal brand to connect with people. Start connecting to people on LinkedIn, grow a following on Instagram and create a YouTube channel. On this platforms you would want to promote your referral program. Hope it helps and if you've got any questions, PM me

Answered 5 years ago

Our firm generates business locally and nationally strictly with B2B customers. Locally I use meetup groups targeted to my ideal customer base to put me in front of 100 plus prospects a month. I have my sales people attend the meetings to network within the group and handle the overflow of people who cannot wait around in line to talk to me after the event. LinkedIn is the best resource to prospect for B2B clients and salespeople, bar none. I have recruited my best people from my meetup groups. They have approached me about joining my organization after seeing the value I provide and the overflow of prospects I have at my meetings. Post in your LinkedIn profile that you looking for dynamic people and thru proper positioning you will attract those you are seeking. Book a call with me if you want more specific info or want to explore other options.

Answered 5 years ago

It's low-tech but I'd start at conferences and events. It's easier to build trust face-to-face and you'll have a concentration of like minded people in one place.

From there I'd expand to online outreach via email and LinkedIn.

Answered 5 years ago

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