Knowing some about storytelling, I get that this may not be capturing or showcasing stories of the real heroes (which is not the coaches but the clients). Is it really the case?

Credentials are important because coaching is not regulated profession and any person can call themselves "coach" today. Depending on coaching specialization coach can be business person, psychologist, teacher, sport trainer or theologian. However, I can say that I'm experienced and successful coach and marketer for my own business, but nobody will meet me just because I'm good educated. I have to give examples of this how I'm helping.

Like other people already noticed, the most important information visible on the website should be about this what client can get after paying fee to this coach. Information should be with examples and testimonials. This should be clear for what someone paying. Should be something what is the answer for client needs and this should appealing to imagination of the client.

If someone need more personal and detailed information how to put on the homepage on your business website and want me assist you in making your choice in this matter feel free to contact me any time.

Answered 10 months ago

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