is there any successful proven step by step process to create a successful brand.. i'm not fitness icon and also not a complete fit personality but love to fit but i was golden glove in my state and national. but i never shown these because i'm an immigrant and also i don't have good accent? do i need to worry about it if i want to create a brand based out of NY ?


I have been working for adidas since several years so I do have quite some experience with marketing in this field.

PR and influencer marketing plays a great role as you mentioned, but those needs to be connected to the rest of the consumer journeys in order to generate sales.

Additionally, a good ecommerce strategy pass via a continuous optimization of the merchandising offer and how this is connected to marketing. A release calendar connected to your PR can be a good start for instance.

Happy to discuss this more in details.

Answered 4 months ago

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