I've been struggling with SMM for over a decade. I own a video production company with an insane reputation for high-quality video ( and a video/photo studio company ( We have established SM profiles with 1,000-2,000 followers. FB, INSTA, LNK, TW, YT, and Pintrest - but I need help with how to create strategy then content then distribution.


First of all, congrats for the excellent, high quality videos you are producing. Had a look at your portfolio and I am impressed.

Regarding the amount of followers you currently have, I feel that there is an untapped potential you can exploit: it is a matter of reaching the mostly qualified audience for your business. Remember that your goal is expanding your reach, but at the same time remaining targeted on connecting with B2B clients rather than a generic audience that appreciate your pieces of work.

Here you have some initial ideas:
- Create a solid content plan about what stories you want to tell and your USPs
- Have a coherent social media calendar (not conflicting across platforms)
- Have clear in mind your goals per platforms: each platform has a specific public. Even the same person is on more platforms intents are different

I have an extensive experience in digital (been working in global digital strategy for adidas since 2013) + I have just consulted on a similar topic a doc agency in London (The Doc Collective).

Happy to discuss this further

Answered 2 years ago

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